6 Responses to Real Life: Moving House

  1. Joe says:

    I’ve had you comic in my bookmarks as ‘Toby: Meteor’ because that was the name of the first comic. I’ve just got to the most recent strip and then discovered that the comic ISN’T called “Toby Meteor”

    Does that happen to be Toby’s surname by coincidence? Toby Meteor is a cool name.

    Also I would like to know what adventures Flo gets up to in her spare time. Flo and her hair are great!

  2. llama says:

    dear Mr Winchester
    I know you are very busy and i get that you probably won’t have time to read this but i was wondering……
    1. whats your fav book?
    2.whats your fav harry potter book?
    3. whats your fav film?
    4. whats your fav band?
    5. which is your fav comic (out of your ones!!)

    i love all your comics and check whenever i can for new ones! your really cool and so are your comics!!

    from Llama.

  3. DC says:


    Hee, I lurve Curly 😀 I liked that story arc and choose your own adventure mode, those were pretty awesome :)

    Happy moving day!

  4. Hugrold says:

    I’d love to see me some more caticorns… I need more caticorns.

    • Hugrold says:

      Also, if you’d find the time, some downloadable stuff like wallpapers would be cool and please update your shop, I got one of your stickers at MCM in May (thanks for the lovely chat by the way), and I want to buy more of them.