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The Big Book of People I Know!

The big book I made can be purchased from my shop! EXCITING!

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500th Webcomic and Boyfriend Week!

Sorry for not posting much in this section but I just wrote an exciting thing about my 500th webcomic and Boyfriend Week over here! I hope you’ll take part!

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Christmas Time

So, I’ll be taking a break over Christmas to catch up with sleeping and drawing. I’ll be back to uploading drawings on Monday the 9th of January…although if you were to come back a week earlier, there *might* be a surprise for you!

Until then, you can keep up to date with me via Facebook, Twitter or carrier pigeon. Well, maybe not carrier pigeon.

Have a lovely Christmas and a brilliant New Year!

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London MCM Expo!

Hello! I’ve got a table at London’s MCM Expo this October! Come and say hello! I should hopefully have new comics for you to read…

Also, don’t forget to join my new Facebook group! The old one went…away.

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New Facebook Group!

It’s a long and boring story but I’ve had to destroy my old Facebook Page. Like Godzilla! RAAAAAR!

But I have a new one! Feel free to like it. Sorry about the hassle! I hope we can still be pals!

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An Update About Updating


I wrote a blog post about changing my updating schedule to Monday, Wednesday and Friday while I work on new projects and sort my life out. You can read it here. I hope we can still be pals.

Also, my next show is at Manchester MCM Expo on the 30th of July. Come and say hello!

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Birmingham Zine Festival!

Hello! It looks like my next show is Birmingham Zine Festival on the 9th of July! HOORAY!

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Wizard Week 2011: Call For Submissions

Go and visit my blogspot! Wizard Week 2011 is looming and it needs YOU to draw your favourite wizard!

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Sorry to say that my website appears to be effed up at the moment and I don’t know why. The main image on the main page appears to be fine but everything else in the archive seems to be crap. Boo. But if you want to peep through the archive, head over to my tumblr

Sorry again! I hope we can still be pals.

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Upcoming Show: Birmingham Memorabilia

Hello! I’ve got a table at the Birmingham Memorabilia event! It’s on the 26th and 27th of March! Come along to say hello!

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Upcoming Show: Small Press Expo


Just to let you know that I’ll be attending the Small Press Expo on Saturday the 12th of March. The website is here and you should totally come along! I should have tote bages, the new issue of People I Know, poster prints and a bunch of other stuff.


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New Website!

Hello there and welcome to my new website! There’s still a bit of work to be done but the whole site is built with expansion in mind. There’s this nifty blog section where I’ll be telling you important things, and a comments section where you can tell me important things! It might take a while to work all the bugs out but stick with me – I’ve got some fun stuff planned!